We have seen a lot of information about Acquia CMS in my previous posts. This post is going to another Acquia-related information, But this going to be really good news for drupal customers with several benefits. Come let's dive into the topic.

We are going to look into the new product for the Acquia family. The product is called Acquia CMS. It is a distribution package of Drupal 9. It built together with a combination of Drupal 9 and Acquia Lightning. But it doesn't end there, beyond that with more and more value-added features.


It is…

I am more excited to meet you all again in Chapter 2 of ACQUIA Personalization. If you missed reading Chapter 1.

Recap on the last chapter (1)

1. Understanding the personalization

2. Acquia approaches on personalization tool

3. Components of Acquia personalization

4. Installing Acquia personalization on the drupal website

5. Confirming Acquia personalization activation on your drupal website

6. Finally Events and Report abilities.

Agenda for the present chapter (2)

1. Composer tips on installation of drupal modules of personalization and content hub

2. Configuration screen values walkthrough

3. Other features of Acquia personalization interface

4. Content hub roles…

Personalization is the most trendy need in the retail world. when we want to retain or make your customer more comfortable on your website. We should give them an impression of the users, we are understanding their needs. Without understanding their intention and interest, If we show the content to users, that doesn’t help businesses to be successful in the long run. Those content might be completely irrelevant to them. When we understand their interest, we will be able to serve them more relevant content to them.

Personalization is not a final strategy, It is a continuous learning!!!


The intention of this post

SEO is the published topic. Still, I thought to publish my post as “OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE” (My Version)

Let's jump into the topic, SEO is the most important element of online business. The website requires attention to the business to sell its products or service. When business entrepreneurs are promoting the website by online, their primary concentration to retain or keep the site ranking in the SEO on top. That automatically will drive the audience to the site.

SEO is not an overnight race, it is a marathon that requires slow and study improvement to see the results.

There might be a lot of curiosity around this title and you may have tons of questions around.

What? Why? and When?…

Yes, even I am more than excited to share this information. Because, we have not even passed a month on Drupal 9 release, but we started hearing about Drupal 10.

Drupal is the most promising CMS system in the market. Every few months, we have been hearing exciting announcements about drupal platform improvements and its dependent product support. In that series, we have the announcement of Drupal 10. The reason behind we are hearing the next version of…

In this post, once again we are going to look into the Azure entities. Yes, It is a Virtual Machine(VM) and correlated entities.

If your new to cloud computing, Please check out one of the earliest posts.

Before we dive into the topic, I like to give a quick introduction to Azure and other IAAS entities. In my previous post, I have mentioned the Azure and hierarchy levels of structure. I believe that gave the audience enough intro to the Azure services and way of organizing the entities.

Without further delay lets dive into the Azure VM. As we know…

Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud provider in the cloud industry. It has a huge data center in the world on different corners including underwater data centers for Microsoft. Mircosoft hosted around 50+ regions to make cloud providing solution more reliable and promising solutions to the customers. I am planning to write more and more about Microsoft Azure for the next couple of months. In this article, Just trying to present a few aspects of Microsoft Azure Storage.

In the real world, data comes from different shapes and a different format. Data will be either one of the categories as…

Cloud computing is the ocean of technology together to give us a nice flavor of hosting solutions in the cloud over the past 10 years. Previously cloud computing is not been into the active market. But it made the evolution of the technology market, changed the technology and world economy to make it more reliable, faster, secure, and scalable.

What is the concept behind cloud computing?

Virtualization is the term, where you can virtually create your operating system, network resources, servers, storage, etc… virtualization shares the hardware into the different OS, servers utilization, and applications. Location is no longer constrained…

Quick recap from the last post, I have mentioned about Whats is gatsby? and discussed gatsby features (For developers and organizations) I assume, that gave the good picture about gatsby to today's web development needs. Also, we have discussed React Vs Gatsby and the workflow of the page rendering process. At last, I started mentioning the coding aspects of styling components. In this post, we will look at the furthermore movement on coding and components as handier to the developer.

Pretty + Trendy ornament

I know the above picture is nowhere related to the Gatsby, But Pretty will become a more pretty when you…

We are in a very critical situation all around the world, except for a few countries. Almost every country is in trouble, they are working hard to control the imperceptible enemy. I hope everyone is safe and writing this blog with the hope of everything will be alright soon …

Let's jump into today's need in web development,

Gatsby is one of the promising framework based on React. It helps develop super-fast web applications and websites. It is a static site generator for react applications. Gatsby has a strong construction on top of React. It will help you to represent…

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